Windows 7 is a unique and popular Operating system from Microsoft. Having many features, it is easy to use and is really good to see due its wonderful eye candy effects.

Does the Automatic restart feature in Windows 7 irritate you? Most probably, I think. Anyone could be irritated by that kind of a feature. So here is a way to disable it and stop Windows 7 from restarting there after. Just follow the steps given below to do it.

1. Click on Start button and go to Control Panel.

2. Select ” System ” option from the list.

3. Click on the ” Advanced system settings ” in the left pane of the window.

4. In the ” System Properties ” window, select the ” Advanced ” tab.

5. Under the ” Startup and Recovery ” section, click on ” Settings “.

6. Uncheck the ” Automatically restart ” option.

That’s all! From now on you won’t be facing the auto restart problem in Windows 7 unless you turn it on.