Now, this is something the Android developers would be looking forward to. Not all Android ROMs comes in English language. So, the ones who find it difficult to work with, will have to translate the language to English. B.A.R.T., abbreviation for BurgerZ Android ROM Translator, helps users to translate Android ROMs with ease.

Translate Android ROMs Easily with B.A.R.T.

BurgerZ , a junior member on XDA Forums, came up with this tool enabling users to get the ROM files translated easily.

Some features of B.A.R.T. :

1. Translation of any Android based ROM (you need translation files!). Translation source can be like github repository or local folder
2. Deodex ROMs
3. Translation of single APK (JAR)
4. Feedback (you can send any info – bugreports, oppinions and other info to the developer)
5. Check for programm update

For more help, info and the download link, move on to the official thread in XDA.