The unlock for Nexus S bootloader is here! The news of Google Nexus S release was not that long ago and the Nexus S has already been rooted.  The bootloader on Nesus S can be rooted just like the way we did it long ago in Nexus One. Anyway, lets see those steps again!

Unlock Nexus S Bootloader

You will need Android 2.3 SDK with fastboot which you can download it from here.

  • Switch off your Nexus S
  • Hold down the Power and Volume Up button simultaneously to enter the standard recovery mode.
  • Install the Android 2.3 SDK. Open Command Prompt in Windows or terminal app on Mac and type “fastboot devices” to check if your device can be seem via USB.
  • If you are connected, fastboot will show you that it’s connected. Now type “fastboot oem unlock”.
  • You are done. The Nexus S bootloader is unlocked!

Via androidcentral

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