Many devices out there in the market come with an unlocked bootloader. However some manufacturers like Sony, HTC lock the bootloader of their devices.  To unlock the true potential of an android device by installing custom ROMs and kernels, it is necessary to unlock the bootloader of your device. Unlocking the bootloader is the first step if you want to root your phone. Unlocking the boot loader is the way to go if you are fed up with the stock manufacturer themed android skin and want to flash a new ROM on your Xperia L.

Please note that unlocking the bootloader of your phone will void you warranty. You may also lose some Sony proprietary software like Bravia Engine. So proceed at will. It is advisable to make a full backup of your phone including SD card and sync your Google account before you proceed further.

Sony Xperia L

To relock the bootloader of your Sony Xperia L later on, it is required to make a TA Backup using DevShaft’s tool, here is how to do it :

  1. Download the backup tool from here.
  2.  Tun on USB Debugging on your Xperia L and run the tool.
  3. The TA backup will be made and check for the file in the backup folder.

How To Unlock Bootloader of Xperia L :

Sony provides instructions to unlock the bootloader of their phones. However it’s recommended that you follow the instructions below to unlock and lock the bootloader.

  1. Download flashtool.
  2. Generate your unlock key by entering the IMEI no of your phone (dial *#06# to check IMEI number).
  3. Now use the flashtool or cmd prompt to unlock.
  4. To check the boot loader status, go to dialer and type *#*#7378423#*#* and choose service info > configuration.
  5. You should see Rooting status: Bootloader unlock done if everything was done right.

Relock Boot loader of Xperia L :

  1. Run the DevShaft tool which you downloaded earlier.
  2. Choose the TA Backup.
  3. Enter the IMEI.
  4. Check the bootloader status and you should see Boot loader unlock allowed.

That’s it! You have successfully unlocked/relocked the bootloader of your Sony Xperia L.

via XDA