Back in July, Xperia X10 bootloader was unlocked first and later on Sony Ericsson released the free bootloader unlocking service via website. The tradition of providing bootloader unlocking was followed by HTC and Motorola and this option of unlocking a device using the web portal was followed by many users but still all the users are not happy with it and they are expecting something more or different.

Unlock Xperia X10 with Bootloader Unlock Tool

For them, one of the senior XDA member, Mayazcherquoi has come with a tool which is able to unlock a device with just a click. The bootloader unlock tool is simple and very easy to use and is designed specifically for those people who don’t like the command prompt process. The source code of this app has not yet released by the dev but will release it soon once he further optimizes the application.

This is what the developer of X10 Bootloader Unlock tool said:

What does this do?
This is simply a graphical front end to the_laser‘s Windows batch files, with the added questions to prevent accidental device bricking.

Can I use this without having to downgrade to 2.1?
Yes, but make sure you follow 9Lukas5’s guide here. Just disregard the third bullet point and use my program instead.

How hard is it to use?
Not hard at all. Just click the big “Unlock Bootloader”* button.

What is the point of this?
For people who don’t like black backgrounds and white texts, but feel more comfortable with GUIs.

Will you release the source code?
Now? No. In time, yes. Why not now? This is just a quickly developed application and the code is rather embarrassing at the moment.

Do you plan to further develop this program?
Indeed I do. I plan to make it a nicer GUI, implement automatic kernel flashing (for those who use 2.3.x), and much more robust. As aforementioned, this is simply a quick mock-up.

Download Bootloader Unlock Tool v1.0 from here.

Via Xda Developers