Google has made its Google Docs service, more convenient for its user. Now, user can upload any type of video file format to Google Docs and also can watch them through built-in player that supports different formats. Google docs user can now able to play video files with built-in player that supports file length up to 1GB and maximum resolution of 1920×1080. With this Google Docs service, user are able to store their important documents and can share this with others at any time.

Upload, Play, Share Videos on Google Docs

Supported Video files:

  • WebM files (include Vorbis audio and Vp8  Video codec )
  • Mpeg4,3gpp and Mov files-(H264,Mpeg4 video codec and aac audio codec)
  • Avi, Wmv
  • Flv (include Adobe-Flv1 video codec,Mp3 audio)
  • Mpegps (Mpeg2 video codec and Mp2 audio)

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