Google’s web album service, Picasa Web is offering some more features for its users by providing some more free space that they were using previously. Just like Gmail, Picasa also tell us about how much web space we are currently using out of the total available storage space provided by Google. Recently, some users noted that they are having more free space than they previously had.

Upload Unlimited Images and Videos With Picasa

Well, it’s common and not a big thing for Google to make changes silently into its services. Also, users also noted that they can now upload unlimited small images and video files to Picasa Web album.

The most stunning feature, which I personally liked about this Picasa web album is; images under 800 PX and video files under 15 minutes no longer count under the account storage limit i.e. it is good news for those people, like bloggers to store images of 800px, which certainly fits into any design layout.

The 15 minute lengthy video takes more space than 800px image to store and I am just hoping that Google’s Picasa Web user will sure help to maintain its dominant position in terms of serving videos on Web via YouTube.

Do, share with us your view about these changes.