Almost three months ago, Facebook released its app for iPhone and we reported about the hints of video calling feature in the back-end of App. Now we are really excited to announce that few hours ago, iPhoneItalia posted a report regarding the updated status of video calling feature in Facebook app for mobile devices. As per the report, this most awaiting feature is in the beta stages and Apple has start testing it on its devices.

iPhoneItalia also released some images of Facebook App as a proof which clearly shows the video calling feature in action. The video of the person who is calling is appearing at the bottom right corner of the screen and video of the other person is appearing in the upper middle area of screen. It looks really awkward, but we hope that Facebook will make it neat and tidy in its final version. However, rest of the interface is very user friendly and contains just few buttons for accepting, rejecting the call and some others. Take a look at the screenshots :

Video Calling in Facebook App for iPhone 2

Video Calling in Facebook App for iPhone

You can get it on iPhone 4/4S by updating Facebook messenger application. However, it is still not mentioned whether it will be available on your iPad 2 and iPod touch 4G, but it is expected to support both these devices as well.

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