Facebook  app is enjoying the rank of one of the most popular apps in App store from a long time. And Facebook released the Facebook messenger app for iDevices yesterday. Everyone was waiting for it and just after few hours of its release, the download counter was showing a really healthy figure.

The more exciting part of Facebook messenger app is that a member of 9to5mac unveiled a very interesting fact that in the back end of this app there are some hints about the video chat. It means that we gonna have a video chatting feature in Facebook app for iPhone in near future.

Video Calling In Facebook Messenger Coming Soon

Video Calling In Facebook Messenger Coming Soon

For the past two days, Facebook has been a hot topic on the net – leak of Facebook app for iPad couple of days ago and the latest security threat from an anonymous hackers group. It seems that Facebook is on the hit list of hackers and its enemies.

Coming back to the main topic, the code about video chatting in Facebook app is not complete and not even in the shape that Facebook can update the app with video chatting feature in next couple of weeks. It is strongly expected that Facebook will release the chat app for idevices with the latest feature of iMessages which is coming soon in iOS 5. Moreover, it is also expected that Facebook will take help from Skype regarding the video calling feature as they are also using Skype on their website.

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