VLC player, the most user-friendly media player available till date for Windows, Linux, Mac and iOS devices, is now going to be made available for Android devices very soon. VLC player is based on Open Source platform, which works smoothly to play any file format whether it is video, audio or streaming file.

VLC developer Jean Baptiste Kempf has said in the talk with Om Malik, from GigaOM that VLC media player will be released for Android in a coming few weeks.VLC Player for Android Coming Soon

The project to port VLC media player for Android devices, has got a major boost after Google launched its latest NDK that allows running of native code very easily. We know that, there are already some media players available for Android devices like RockPlayer and YxPlayer, which are also working smoothly, but it is expected that after the launch of VLC for Android devices. The flexibility of playing different file formats will become more interesting and flexible.

The developers said that when Google released the NDK, at that time many game application were there that were not able to play on all Android devices. Therefore, they warned that after the release of VLC player, there might be cases that VLC will not work on some handsets.

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