Ozonetel Systems, a company that provides cloud based telephony solution, has launched a social networking application called Voice Buzz. Voice Buzz allows user to update their Facebook status through their mobile or landline connection. Although, the voice update services are already available in India from the providers like Aircel and Ibibo, now Voice buzz has also entered the scene. Aircel is offering this service via a premium number 51555, and Ozonetel Systems is offering Voice Buzz services using a landline number 040-30512834.

Voice Buzz for Facebook Launched

To avail this service users need to register on Voice Buzz and they need to provide their phone number; after that, user need to then synchronize their Facebook account and grant permission for Voice Buzz app to access basic profile information and to post to the Facebook Wall.

Now to update their Facebook profile, user need to call 040-30512834 from their registered number and leave a voice message, which will appear as a profile status.

How does this application works?

Ozonetel Systems has designed Voice Buzz application using Kookoo Voice platform. Therefore, whenever a user calls the Kookoo number i.e. (040-30512834), it processes the instruction, which in turn instructs the application to complete the query.

The most important feature of Voice Buzz is that it is platform independent and does not restrict itself to users of one particular telecom operator, hence makes it more accessible.