Tips Needed is a place where you can find lots of tips, tricks and guides. Here is one guide among them concerning how to watch Youtube videos on the iPad.
If you are new to iPad and have doubts on this topic, then here is how to watch Youtube videos on iPad.

From your iPad, you could directly take the Youtube app and start watching the videos uploaded there. Whenever you take the Mail, Youtube etc on your iPad, it automatically connects to the internet if the Wi Fi or 3G is enabled.

• For searching on Youtube, just tap on the search box, type the text and tap on the search button.

• When a video is selected, it starts to buffer and when it buffers up to a point, it starts to play. To pause or play the video, you could also just tap on the video.

• You could increase or decrease volume by dragging the volume option slider or by using the iPad volume adjusting buttons on its side.

• To rewind or fast-forward a video, tap and hold the How to Watch Youtube Videos on iPad or How to Watch Youtube Videos on iPad buttons.

• To jump to the next video or previous video in the list, double tap on How to Watch Youtube Videos on iPad or How to Watch Youtube Videos on iPad respectively.

• To exit full screen and to view the comments, related videos etc tap on the ?How to Watch Youtube Videos on iPad button.

There are many more options. But you could get access to some Youtube options only if you have an account in Youtube.

Transferring Youtube Videos from PC to iPad

If you want to sync Youtube videos to your iPad, then download the video to your computer, convert the video to be compatible with iPad and then sync the video to your iPad using iTunes.

NOTE: Read this guide to convert video formats to be be compatible iPad.