June 11, a date Apple fan boys will be keenly looking into this year. San Francisco is getting ready for this year’s WWDC which will kick start on June 11 and continue its ride for 5 days. The event will kick off at 10AM PST and we will be able to come across some interesting announcements and presentations from then on.

WWDC 2012


The expectations aren’t so bad, but they are still just expectations based on some clues we’ve got from trusted sources. So, don’t get excited, Apple may disappoint you though there are chances that they won’t.

We can assure you that Apple will be coming up with both hardware and software related announcements next week, taking their WWDC routine into account. Whatsoever, taking into account all the rumors, clues, reports and Apple’s history on WWDC, we have wound up this post with few things which you can expect Apple to show up next week.

Refreshed MacBook Pro

This will be of no surprise to most people. The MacBook Pro line up will mostly get an upgrade at this years WWDC. It might get changes in its display, battery, processor, and a thinner design.

Deeper iCloud Integration

Apple is likely to bring in many iCloud features from the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion to iOS. Added iCloud supports in Mountain Lion Developer Previews says so. And we could expect something new too.

iOS 6

I don’t think iOS 6 will bring in something fresh and serious except for the maps and Siri for iPad. As always, it’ll probably be hyped. That’s all. But we still can’t blindly say it as the company has the ability give us a surprise.

OS X Mountain Lion

Almost the same stand as that of iOS 6. Mountain Lion’s pre-releases doesn’t seem to give a quake. And probably, there won’t be anything to get excited about in it except for a touch of improvement in iCloud, twitter support etc.

New iPhone

Do remember that last year’s WWDC didn’t give birth to iPhone 4S. Apple revealed it only later last year. So we can’t fully expect them to come up with a new iPhone next week. But don’t drop your hopes, 2012 will surely see a new iPhone, and there is a small possibility for Apple to give us a drop of surprise.

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