The DNSChanger ‘boomerang’ is coming back for a hit again. The virus have been haunting the internet users from 2007, which the FBI put an end to last year. But The DNSChanger virus is coming back on Monday to give an ‘indirect’ hit yet again.

Wondering what this DNSChanger thing is? DNSChanger is a virus that became active in the cyberspace in 2007 and since then the hackers have been taking advantage of it to grab the vital information from users’ like passwords, account details, credit card numbers etc.

DNSChanger Malware

The case was then taken up by FBI and they brought down the criminals. Six Estonians were arrested for creating the virus and they unwrapped the details last November. The culprits swiped off millions (in USD) with the DNSChanger malware.

The infected users had to be given time to clean their computers and set everything back to normal. For this, they set up temporary DNS servers, routing users to it. Since then, the infection have been dropping significantly.

From FBI’s official website :

To assist victims affected by the DNSChanger malicious software, the FBI obtained a court order authorizing the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) to deploy and maintain temporary clean DNS servers. This solution is temporary, providing additional time for victims to clean affected computers and restore their normal DNS settings. The clean DNS servers will be turned off on July 9, 2012, and computers still impacted by DNSChanger may lose Internet connectivity at that time.

Millions of computers were affected by the virus and their DNS information was distorted, hence changing the server routes. Though the case was resolved, DNSChanger is still running around and many are still infected. If you are one among them, you could lose your internet access on Monday once the authorities turn off the temporary servers.

How to check if you are infected?

There are many DNSChanger checkers around. To check if you are infected, go to this link. If it is green, you are safe. If it is not, then you’ll have to try cleaning it up.

What to do if you are infected?

The DNSChanger Working Group have provided the users with some tools to fix the issue. You could also try re-installing your OS to cure your PC from the malware. Be sure to backup your files if you are on to that. Or you could also try seeking help from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Is your computer infected? Are you having any trouble? Just drop in a comment and we’ll be up with help.