Last month, the RTM build of upcoming Windows Phone Mango OS was leaked out and many were able to put their hands on it already.Mango is still in the hands of the developers for the final beta testings and most probably will be out in few weeks publicly as the leaks and the launching of new devices running Mango (HTC Titan and Radar) shows.

Official Windows Phone Mango ROM For HTC Mozart Leaked

Now, through the XDA Forums, an official build of the Windows Phone Mango OS for HTC Mozart has been leaked out. The following are the details of this leaked ROM :

  • OS Version: 7.10.7720.68
  • Firmware: 2250.21.40600.401
  • Radio Software:
  • Bootloader Version: 4.6.2250.0(129193)

If you are brave enough to give it a try, then proceed to XDA with the below link. And remember, try the ROM at your own risk.

via XDA Forums

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